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PLAISIR© system is a clinico-administrative information system regarding clients of nursing homes and extended care facilities. 

The system collects two types of data concerning the client :

  • his bio-psycho-social profile;

  • his profile of required nursing and assistance services.

Secondarily, PLAISIR© also collects certain socio-demographic data concerning the client as well as his profile of utilization of rehabilitation (physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy) and medical resources.

The data are collected on a form called "FRAN©" which is filled in by a nurse evaluator specifically trained for this task.  The information on the form is entered onto a computer.  According to the profile of the nursing and assistance services required by the client and to a normative weighting of each nursing action measuring the time required to perform it, the computer then calculates the profile of nursing and assistance resources required by the client.

Hence, PLAISIR© system allows for a tridimentional representation of the client :

  • bio-psycho-social, in terms of illnesses, impairments, disabilities and handicaps;

  • services required to respond to the bio-psycho-social needs;

  • resources required (measured in time) to deliver the required services.