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The system allows to qualify and quantify the workload of dependent clients living in institution.

This information is used by decision makers at all levels :

  • by the head-nurse of a care unit to monitor the quality of care on the unit and to manage personnel according to the needs of the clients.

  • by the nursing and general management of the institution to monitor quality of care in their institution, allocate resources to the various care units according to the workload of their clients, and control the admissions to the different units to attain, for example, the objectives of balancing supply and demand for care or homogenizing their clients.

  • in a system, such as Quebec system, where the admissions in all the institutions are coordinated at the regional level, by the coordinating body, to decide where to admit a given future client.

  • in a system, such as Quebec system, where the budget is allocated to institutions according to the workload associated to their clients, by the Regional Boards to equitably distribute amongst all the institutions, the global regional budget put at their disposal by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.

  • by the Ministry or Regional Boards, to plan and program their network of nursing homes and extended care facilities according to the needs of the population.